Gary Gotlieb LL.B. LL.M. (Hons.)

Former President of the Auckland District Law Society

Former President of New Zealand Criminal Bar Association

Former Vice-President of New Zealand Law Society

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"Mr Gotlieb is a person of absolute integrity and a highly accomplished and well-respected advocate."

Peter Williams - QC


"I am familiar with Mr Gotlieb's work and ability as an advocate. His practice is extensive and he is regarded by his peers as one of the leading counsel in New Zealand, particularly in the field of criminal law. His integrity and personal attributes are both of the highest order.

Christopher McVeigh - QC


"Mr Gotlieb's reputation as a vigorous advocate of his clients' interests, a thorough and tenacious advocate in Court and counsel whose attention to the detail of the law in his submissions was a exemplary.

He is a barrister whose word is to be trusted.

Few at the criminal bar display the energy and tenacity that Mr Gotlieb does. He has always championed his clients" interests however unpopular. He has always spoken out in favour of the profession, advancing and pursuing views and options that have not always appealed to all."

Jonathan Krebs Barrister NZLS
- Convener Criminal Committee

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New legislative amendments often require an innovative approach, with the emphasis on resolving cases. First, there are case review hearings to see if resolution is possible. Diversion may be a sensible way of resolving the charge quickly, depending on the type of charge and previous criminal history.

For each case, the type of charge should be taken into consideration. For example, an assault charge can range from a summary offence charge with a 3 month maximum penalty, to a crimes act charge with the penalty ranging from 1 to 14 years. Negotiation is vital. Options include requesting the court to give a sentence indication. Submissions are filed and the Judge gives an indication of what the sentence will be. A decision of how to proceed must be reached within 7 days.

Restorative justice is an alternative way of possibly getting a lesser sentence and can result in calming tensions and creating understanding for a genuine long term resolution.

Consideration must be given to defending the charge before a judge alone, or proceeding with a jury trial. There are pros and cons for both these options.

Proactive attempts at resolution can result in very favourable results. Discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression is possible in some cases.

It is vital to work out what options are available.



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